Planarizing and polishing spin coated polyimide

Spin-on Polyimide Surfaces Without Defects

Spin coated polyimide may be planarized and polished to give a defect free surface for improved lithography processing.

Polyimide coatings applications:

  • Multilayer and thin film uses
  • Protective overcoat for semiconductor chips
  • Flip chip bonding applications
  • Interlayer dielectrics
  • Structural layers in micromachining
  • Lithographic processes

There are many benefits from using planarized polyimide coatings. By planarizing polyimide coatings, applied as liquid onto a substrate by:

  • Spin coating
  • Spraying
  • Extrusion
  • Dip coating,

the surface will be polished to a near defect free level for better functioning as a dielectric and will provide improved yield in polyimide patterning applications.

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