Polyimide wafers and polyimide substrates

Stock and Custom Processed Polyimide Wafers

Single or double side polished polyimide wafers and polished polyimide substrates in any size and thickness as low as 50 microns (2mils) are available on special order. Standard stock polished polyimide wafers are listed below.

Polished Polyimide Wafers:
Polyimide wafers, from stock, are polished on one side with less than 5nm Ra surface finish.

PI - P1 - Ø2X020 0.020 in 2 in
PI - P1 - Ø3X020 0.020 in 3 in
PI - P1 - Ø100XØ500 500 µm 100 mm
PI - P1 - Ø150XØ500 500 µm 150 mm
Thin Polyimide Wafer
Thin Polyimide Wafer

Polyimide Wafer
Polyimide Wafer

Polished polyimide wafer sizes manufactured on regular basis:

  • Single and double sided polish
  • Standard diameters are 2in, 3in, 100mm, and 150mm
    (Other diameters on special order)
  • Standard thicknesses are 125µm (5mils), 250µm (10mils), 375µm (15mils), 500µm (20mils)
  • Surface finish is less than 5nm
    (Finer finishes on special order)
  • Thickness tolerances are ± 25µm (1mil) and ± 12.5µm (0.5mil)
    (Low µm thickness tolerances on special order)

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